Excalibur Crossbow Scopes & Scope Accessories

The ultra-compact Tact-Zone Scope, the ideal match for Excalibur’s compact Matrix series crossbow’s.

Twilight DLX Illuminated Multiplex Scope

If you are a crossbow hunter who truly takes his sport seriously, this is the only scope that will satisfy you! The Twilight DLX is designed to make the most out of every bit of light to give you the brightest image possible in extreme low light hunting situations.  

Dead-Zone Multi-Reticle Scope 

  • Variable Multi-Reticle
  • Ultimate compact
  • Fits crossbows shooting 300-410 fps


Scope Rings   

Scope Mount

Guardian Anti-Dry Fire

Scope Mount

Scope Cover - Don’t give your location away by allowing game to see light reflecting from your scope.    LensMate Cleaning System from Excalibur features a dry cleaning compound that can't leak, spill or dry out Ideal for scopes, rangefinders, etc.  
Multi Red-Dot sight uses reflex technology to create a lighted electronic sighting system that is compact and light weight, but provides you with four sighting dots to compensate for arrow trajectory from 20 to 50 yards. 

Range Finder Mount 

Holds your range finder to the scope where it can be easily accessed for split-second confirmation of your target range before firing.